About Us

Centre for environmental Impact Analysis was formed in 2005 with the name Mining Impact Laboratory Research (MINERAL) under the companies code of 1963 (ACT 179) as a non-governmental organization on the fifth of October. The objectives for forming MINERAL were:

To independently monitor and assess the levels of toxic chemicals used in mining operations by mining companies and small-scale (legal and illegal) miners in mining communities in Ghana.
To provide analytical laboratory services to other advocacy mining related NGOs which do not have such services
To advocate for sound environmental mining practices.

As the NGO started working in the other sector of the environment and not only in mining there was the need for the name of the organization to change. On the 13th of june 2006 the name was changed from mining impact research laboratory (MINERAL) to Centre For Environmental Impact Analysis (CEIA) after a board meeting

CEIA Specific Objectives

To protect human health and the environment

Independently monitor the levels of pollutants in the Ghanaian environment.
Conduct phytoremediation and bioremediation studies to clean – up the levels of toxic chemicals in contaminated sites.
Conduct fate and transport analysis of environmental contaminants
Conduct human health risk assessment from exposure to toxic chemicals.
Conduct environmental epidemiological studies from exposure to toxic chemicals
Educate the general public on sound environmental practices
Educate the general public on climate change and its implication on socio – economic determinants.
Educate the general public on effects of oil and gas exploration on livelihood of fishermen, environment and on land related issues, etc.
Advocate for the formulation of sound policies that addresses the concerns of poor and marginalised natural resources communities.
Conduct research into adaptive techniques that can minimize effects of climatic and environmental changes on the vulnerable in society
Conduct research into design and construction of waste water treatment plants.